Dear Hi-Tec Walkerbay Xtreme Athletes

Dial a Physio are the physio and strapping partners for this year’s event. To pre-book your session, at R200 for 30minutes, please complete your details below. On the event day bookings will also be available, should the beds not be fully booked.

1) Please select your preferred day – please note, there are 2 beds available per time slot/day
2) Payment to be made at the event, directly with Dial a Physio (R200 for 30 minutes)
3) Strapping services are also available throughout the event days, and you don’t need to book a time slot for this – strapping is a free service if you provide your own strapping or R50 (payable at the event) if you require strapping

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Dial a Physio directly.

WBX Team