Late in September 2016, a bunch of athletes travelled to Hermanus to get a sneak preview of the events on offer at the 2017 Hi-Tec Walkerbay Xtreme between 29 April and 1 May. They swam. They ran. And they jumped… off stomach-churning high cliffs. It takes a different breed of man to convince people – from sullen teens to pro athletes – to take the leap and jump several metres into the roaring ocean below. That man is Henk Esterhuysen. He shares what “courage” truly means…

Here’s the thing about humans: We all have courage. But it lies dormant, never to awake in our lifetime.

We blame fear. Mostly the fear of pain. It scares us, stands in our way, prevents us from finding that courage, prevents us from doing something amazing.

I play dumb. I don’t think about it. That’s what adventure means. Not what might happen or will happen. It means go out there and do it. And I just do it.

I will not wake up tomorrow and think “Wow, I should have done that.” Even worse, see other people do it and feel regret – knowing it was possible after all.

I’m not saying you should do something insane. Just step out of your comfort zone and try something new. That is all it takes to wake up.

We have this tendency to stay in our comfort zones. It’s easy. It is part of our herd mentality that views all change as negative.

Change is positive. Put your foot outside that comfort zone and you will feel the positive vibrations. That is the domain of the impossible. Where you will accomplish things you never thought possible, sometimes things you never even dreamed of. And those vibrations, those scintillating sparks of energy that wills you forward. That is courage.

Courage wills you into the unknown. Helps you do something new, something extraordinary. Yes, you will be scared. Fear is always lurking, but trust me, take that leap. You will be happier on the other side and it will make your next adventure so much easier.

When you experience the thrill of accomplishment you will be back for more. They will call you insane, but the look on their faces is always one of admiration. And you will find out what a thrill life actually is.

The next thrill is always just around the corner. My next one caters for everyone, from the beginner to the extreme badass. It is the Hi-Tec Walkerbay Xtreme. Three days of 12 Xtreme exhilarating events from 29 April to 1 May 2017. Run, swim, cycle, X-fit, surf-ski, paraglide or jump off cliffs. You name it, you will find a challenge here.

Take that step. Find your courage. #FindYourXtreme

— Henk Esterhuysen – event coordinator for Hi-Tec Walkerbay Xtreme Sea & Sand Xtreme (Swim-Run-Jump)