With the Walkerbay Xtreme Open Water Xtreme around the corner, many athletes have asked us whether the swim is wetsuit-compulsory.

We’ve looked at some historic water temperate stats on seatemperature.org, and the great news is that the minimum average is above the temperature that makes it compulsory to wear a wetsuit.

Race Day Temperature Guide:

  • Over 22 deg C: NO wetsuits
  • 14 – 22 deg C: Wetsuit optional
  • Under 14 deg C: Wetsuit compulsory

Over the past number of years, the water temperatures in Hermanus have only dipped below 15 degrees in July, August and September, and the chance of the event being wetsuit compulsory is unlikely. But… stranger things have happened.

Swimmer safety is our primary concern. At the same time, we are aware that there are experienced cold water swimmers among our participants. Please email us if you have any concerns regarding the water temperature, and how it may affect your participation.