If you have entered the 2017 Walkerbay Xtreme Tough Mother Xtreme, then this post is for you!

Welcome to the 2017 Tough Mother Xtreme! We’ve given this year’s event a complete revamp with an all-Male and all-Female two-person team format, including a scaled and Rx division. There’s going to be a lot of action in Hermanus at the end of April, and we can’t wait to see you!

Please take note of the following important points:


  • Upon arrival at the Walkerbay Xxtreme, teams must proceed to the athlete registration tent to have their barcode (which has been sent via email upon payment scanned).
  • Each two-person team will be taking part in three workouts within a 30 minute time frame.
  • Heat Schedule and Start times will be sent through via email, and published on Facebook one week prior.
  • Keeping in the spirit of being prepared for the unknown, workouts will only be released the week prior.
  • Scoring will work along the lines of the CrossFit open – with the best team accumulating the highest overall placing in each workout combined for an end score. ie: three 1st places give you a final score of 3 points. (Tiebreaks have also been factored in.)
  • A warm-up area will be provided on the day, and all athletes need to be warmed up and ready to WOD at the start of their heat times.
  • Standards for judging/movement will be in line with that of the 2017 CrossFit open.



Team Captains: Please send us your team name and clear instruction if your team will be:

  • Rx vs Scaled
  • Male or Female Team

Also let us know if anyone in your team will be participating in a second or third WBX on the that could potentially clash with your heat.

A heat timetable will be released, along with competition workouts, the week prior to the event. Athletes competition in other WBX events on the same day will be given preferential heat times.

Email us at: wbxcf1@gmail.com


The HI-TEC Walkerbay Xtreme offers a host of events to watch and support – from an Urban MTB Criterium to open water swimming and running. As for the Tough Mother Xtreme, it’s exactly that: a hard as nails fitness challenge that will take every bit of grit you’ve got to beat the other teams! Come prepared, bring your bestie and break the freaking mold!

We’ll see you on the competition floor!


All entrants into the Walkerbay Tough Mother Xtreme will automatically receive a free entry into our invitational Sunday event – the MARLENE! This is a non-compulsory event. The Marlene will be a single workout challenge for individuals with no scaled division. Are you tough enough? Come and do the MARLENE!

More information will be shared with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, work on your form, bank those hours in the Box and tell your friends to enter!