WBX Sponsor 2018

Connectivity and WiFi partner

WiFi-It Events

WiFi-It Events is the ultimate Connectivity and WiFi partner for every cutting edge, progressive company – Turning Insight into Action to solve Business Challenges.

Our value proposition is to provide high speed enterprise internet connectivity to both staff and delegates at your events and premises through the power of WiFi – not simply for the benefit of the attendees, but for the provision of actionable insights obtained from intelligent WiFi data.

The unique advantage offered by WIFI-IT is our data analytic platform  – SkyFii . The platform is a secure cloud-based big data analytics and targeted customer engagement solution, designed to empower public facing venues with the types of consumer analytics and micro-targeting capabilities. By capturing real-time analytics of consumer traffic patterns, venues can learn more about their customers, and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and merchandising.

The analytics can also correlate and combine captured data with cloud-sourced demographic and consumer behavioral data for real-time, location-based marketing to proactively influence customers and give them a world class experience. This powerful feature  continuously gathers information and makes this critical data accessible to event/ retail owners in real-time which can be used for future planning and streamlining.