The See & Sand Xtreme is one of the most exciting events we have on offer – both for the athlete and the spectator. The challenge consists of a 400m swim, followed by a 1.5km run, jump off a 15m cliff back into the sea, 400m swim, 1km run and one last 500m swim to end at the Old Harbour slipway.

Yes, this may sound a little crazy… but we have tested it out for the last 2 years and the feedback from all who have taken part is that it is just the right amount of crazy!

So here are some tips for the newbies.


Even before you dip your toes into the ocean, there is some thought that needs to go into your active wear for the event.

The biggest question is: Shoes? Barefoot? Or Booties?

As you will be running and swimming with no time to make a change in wardrobe, you have to commit to your kit. We have seen athletes complete the event barefoot – but this is not advised as the cliffpath you run along has a lot of cobbles. We have also had some athletes take part in running shoes using a pool buoy tied to their leg to help them float when they hit the swim sections – we have heard this is an effective technique.

But so far the highest rated strategy has been using surf booties.

For the rest of your kit, we recommend a wetsuit: swimming wetsuit or normal surfing wetsuit, a colourful swimming cap and goggles! But when you have to take the leap of faith, remember to take your goggles off and tuck them into your wetsuit to avoid losing them.


After the first 400m swim and 1.5km run, you will come to the Dreunkrans cliff jump.

For some, the 15m cliff jump may be the reason they don’t enter this event. But do not fear: there is a “chicken run” option where athletes can, under the careful guidance of our experienced lifeguards, slowly scale down the cliff into the ocean. The only reason we don’t recommend this option is because the jump will make you feel alive! There is nothing quite like that feeling when you launch off Dreunkrans.

If you do choose to do the jump (which we highly recommend!) then there are a few tips you should take note of:

  1. Wait until the lifeguards say it is safe to jump
  2. Take your goggles off and tuck them into your wetsuit
  3. Before you jump, make sure you have a good footing
  4. When you launch, jump forward with your chest almost parallel to the water
  5. Before you hit the water, bring your arms into your chest

This will also all be explained in depth and demonstrations will be given by the See & Sand Lifeguards prior to the event. So don’t panic!

This year, the See & Sand is set to kick off at 11am. As always it will start with a thorough race and safety briefing where the lifeguards demonstrate “how-to” and “how-not-to” launch yourself off of a cliff into the sea, get out of the sea onto another cliff using the swells, and how to scale down the cliff should you be too scared to jump.  

You do not want to give this event a skip. It will honestly be the highlight of your weekend!

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