Xtreme times call for Xtreme measures.

The WBX team are just as concerned as you all with regards to the most recent outbreak of the Covid-19 virus and the number of event cancellations that have taken place the last couple of days.

Like you, we are all uncertain about what the immediate outcome or reactions should be to all the measures put in place by the various Health Authorities and Government Departments.

We can only asses the facts at hand and hope to make the correct decision on that. As you know, these facts and scenarios change daily. . .

As such, we are holding the fort for the next week or so regarding the event.

The facts we are basing our current statement on is the following;

  1. Our event date is 24 – 27 April 2020
  2. It falls outside the immediate 30 x day ban on public gatherings of 100 people and more. This may change though.
  3. The Overstrand Municipality, and the Walkerbay Region gets a massive, much needed financial injection from your participation at the WBX. We really don’t want to postpone or cancel the event
  4. The number of entries to date have been amazing, 2020 is really building up to be the biggest WBX so far, by far.
  5. However, the health and safety of our competitors, staff, sponsors and the Hermanus community are paramount and we will take a decision, formally, within the next 7 – 10 days, after having considered all available facts and sentiment at hand.

For now, please keep an eye on our social media platforms and website for information regarding the continuation, postponement, rescheduling and or cancellation of the event.

Keep training, stay fit, stay healthy and build those immune systems.

WBX Team