The best part about the Walkerbay Xtreme is that it is a festival that accommodates everyone. The event provides a platform for you to discover new things about yourself. To test new waters, explore unchartered territories and see how far you can go…

Never tried an open water event before? Give the 600m swim a whirl. Just getting into running? Lace up and run the 5.7km Cliffpath Xtreme. Or love cycling, running and swimming but have never had the guts to combine them into one event? Enter the beginner-friendly sprint triathlon. Whatever physical challenge you are wanting to set for yourself in 2019, the Walkerbay Xtreme has it.

We even encourage top-performing athletes to get out and try something completely out of their comfort zones.

One such athlete is the impressive Wesley Sweetnam, a talented K-Way sponsored trail runner. Wesley will tell you himself that he is an absolute land animal. Those hunting him down are likely to find him rock climbing in Silvermine, hiking up the Jonkershoek mountains, bouldering down waterfalls or running through forests, but one place you are unlikely to find this mountain goat, is submerged in the ocean – unless he is clutching a floating device or cradling the body of a surfboard.

But, having completed the 55km MTB race at last year’s Walkerbay Xtreme, Wesley was absolutely taken by the whole atmosphere of the festival. After watching the Swim-Run-Jump challenge, he felt compelled to enter it, but there was just one thing holding him back…Wesley is not a swimmer.

But that didn’t get in his way and in April 2018 Wesley set his sights on the water for 2019.

After a few months of radio silence, we followed up with our trail runner’s whimsical decision to trade the trail shoes and cleats for a speedo and goggles and guess where we found him? Training every Monday and Wednesday at 6am in the morning in the 25m Sunvalley Virgin Active pool building up his swimming fitness.

That’s what we are talking about! You go Wesley! The Walkerbay Xtreme team is excited to track your progress and cannot wait to see you in the water this coming April!

Wes is discovering a new level of extreme, which event will you enter to #findyourxtreme?

If you have a similar story, please share it with our team and send it to – we would love to hear from you!