Whether they are willing to admit it or not, we all know that even the biggest muscle-building rugga bugger or given-up-on-love because of one too many breaks in the heart girl, kills for a good love story. It’s part of our make-up as human beings: we all crave a little romance every now and then.

Well, read on to find out about a lasting relationship that anyone can be a part of…

For the athlete and spectator, the Hi-Tec Walkerbay Xtreme is a Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, Notebook-kind-of-love story.

You hear about this slightly edgy, extreme and OUT THERE event from your friends and on social media, and you just don’t think it’s for you. Your mind jumps to thoughts like: “I’m not good enough”, “Will I be able to do it?” to “Hmmm 600m swim? I’m more of a land person myself” or “Gosh it’s just the wrong side of Sir Lowreys Pass for me…”.

But still, you’re intrigued… and the WBX too wants to show you you’re enough!

They share their news with you, share exciting sports on offer with you, show you there is so much more to them – and then, you drop your guard for a second, and you bite.

You grab a flyer from a bike shop, click interested on Facebook and next second, you’re on the website dipping your toe into the idea of doing something a little crazy and different. Why? Because you’ve always done what’s comfortable and right, stuck to the safety of organized sports and remained on the sidewalk when going for walks in the street.

But this time there is something alluring about trying something new and not knowing what the outcome could be.

So you enter.

Time goes by and you get swept up in the excitement leading up to the whole weekend. There’s the training, the planning of logistics, the roller coaster of emotions and then… all of a sudden, you’re packing your bags and making your way to Hermanus. 

Thoughts race through your mind – can I? will it? are they?  but ultimately, you know it will be a good getaway with friends, quality time spent with family and an awesome experience shared with fellow outdoor enthusiasts. 

Then you arrive wide-eyed and smiley with all of your senses activated. Driving into Hermanus you cannot help but gape in awe at the dramatic mountains on your left and breath-taking ocean on your right. Completely wrapped up in the beauty.

And when the weekend of activity kicks off, all your emotions are switched on. There is passion for the sports, fun for time spent with good people, an insane amount of adrenalin from the adventure, and a general sense of peace as a result of the relaxed ambience of Hermanus.

But the best part is, as you get stuck in, you realise this is for you. You are a part of this. You finish what you start and come to the conclusion that you can #FindYourXtreme – even if it is just a little less extreme than the couple on your right.

All too soon, it comes to an end.

While the time together was brief, it was also fiery and exciting! Unlike the end of a lot of tragic love stories – this is one that is in it for the long run. The WBX doesn’t leave you high and dry and doubting whether it was you. Instead, they promise you future adventures, exciting new activities and frequent check ins to keep up with your progress.

This is our love story… and you can be a character in it.

#FindYourXtreme and enter!