Uncertainty regarding the Covid-19 global pandemic, when this will be under control and according to the Western Cape Government no event permits will be reached out until further notice. The requirement on all of us as responsible citizens to act in the best interest of society have left us with no further option but to cancel the 2020 Event.

Naturally, we love to do Xtreme things, the WBX is there in essence to challenge every participant, in their own way, to do things they will not normally do. Whether for some that may be to conquer the Big Six, jump from the 12m high Dreunkrans, complete your first 5km fun run or simply do a Treasure Hunt on the beautiful Hermanus Cliff Path with your grandchildren. One thing is certain, – we will all conquer the Coronavirus!

So the WBX Coronavirus Challenge to you is as follows:

  1. DONATE 100% of your entry fee to a WBX Good Cause
  2. Select to have 50% REFUNDED to you. (*the balance will be donated to the WBX Good Cause)
  3. DEFER your entry to the 2021 Event

Why decide on a donation, deferral or refund. 

Already entered & paid? Don’t worry!
You will receive a mail from MyActive, the WBX Entry Portal, in the next couple of days that will give you three options:
OPTION 1 – Donation:
The net proceeds of your entry fee will be ring fenced and kept for donation to a worthy WBX Coronavirus Good Cause.  What this is we don’t know as yet. We will work closely with the Hermanus and Walkerbay Communities and ultimately look to support a cause that has suffered as a result of the Coronavirus, like we all will do, or to support some sort of sport participation programme that will in future be WBX supporters and participants. We will advise in due course what this is.            
OPTION 2 – Refund:
According to Walkerbay Xtreme Terms and Conditions no refunds will be made when cancelling your entry, BUT because we are going through a situation that none of us have control over, we will be offering 50% refunds to all paid entries. (Costs have been incurred in entry fees, route preparation, etc.) WBX will be donating that time and money spent to the same Good Cause we select.
OPTION 3 – Deferral:If you decide that you want your entry to be deferred to the following year your entry will be copied across to our 2021 entry system and you will be an “Early Bird” getting your 2021 entry at 2020 prices.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. See you in 2021!  

We can’t wait!

The WBX 2020 Team