The primary focus of the Walkerbay Xtreme Festival is to highlight the magnificence of the Hermanus area and all the activities that our beautiful towns and spectacular surroundings have to offer. This includes the high-quality products and services provided for visitors by the local restaurants.

With the 2019 event just around the corner (26 – 28 April 2019), and entries already open, our team looked to the sources that fuel our athletes for inspiration. We challenged some of the local restaurants to do like our participants do: find a new Xtreme.

The 10 participating restaurants came up with their own inventive, out-of-the-box, Xtreme menu items that are available to the public from 12 December until 9 January 2019.

And they really are something to try this festive season – so don’t miss out!

View the 10 XtremeCuisine menu items below and make sure to get to these amazing restaurants for an Xtreme food experience


Extremely Smart Kaap
Brain Power Food


Xtreme Bientang Burger
2x 200g Pure Beef Patties, topped with Cheese, Bacon & Garnish. 
Xtremely Hot Prawn & Chicken Curry
Very hot curry with prawns & chicken, served with sambals, rice and papadum


Xtreme Fillet Triathlon
200g fillet steak with smoked pork belly and Portuguese-style chicken liver sauce, served with savoury rice


Xtreme Cram Burger
A tower of power that will test your limits! This monster has a beef patty, a crumbed chicken breast, strips of bacon, cheddar, mozzarella & feta cheese, tomato, gherkin, red onion marmalade, rocket, diced jalapenos, a fried egg and some onion rings. 


Bionic Bird / Bionic Bean Xtreme
Slices of tender chicken breast single side encrusted with black sesame seeds pan-fried in butter with black pepper then flambéed in Absolut vodka & simmered in litchi juice with Red Bull for a kick. Sweetened with fresh cherries & served with fresh cream pasta.

Vegan option available: chicken is replaced with Tempeh steak made from fermented soya beans


OB Pick of Season Xtreme
Fritto Misto – a large bowl of bite size chunks of seafood in batter served with feta and tomato salad, chips and 2 tasty sauces


Xtreme Marcos Pollo Double Decker Pizza
Bottom pizza topped with grilled steak strips, onion marmalade, rocket & sweet balsamic dressing.  On top we have, grilled BBQ chicken strips, bacon, sun-dried tomato pesto, rocket & aioli


Xtreme Nachos
Three cheese nachos with bacon and jalapeno chilli (fully stacked with all the trimmings, and proper tortilla nachos used)


Xtreme Seafood Platter
An array of different seafood cooked in various styles and cuisines


Xtreme Veggie Burger
Veggie burger served on avocado base topped with mushroom, halloumi, caramalized onion and a tomato salsa

But wait, there’s more! Order one of these Xtreme Cuisine meals and you can stand a chance to WIN an entry into the not to be missed Walkerbay Xtreme 2019. Simply, write your name and email address on the back of your bill, post a photo of your meal on social media, hashtag #xtremecuisine, tag @walkerbayxtreme and the participating restaurant and your in for the draw. 

Let us know which meal is your favourite! There is some friendly competition between the local restaurants for bragging rights of whose meal is the most Xtreme Cuisine.